Sunday, 17 March 2013

First Week of the Course

Why am I Doing This Course?

I have just finished a MOOC on "Online Learning and Digital Culture" with the University of Edinburgh. I found the experience both fascinating and enriching from a professional point of view. I learnt a lot about how technology moulds (and is moulded by) our society. The various discussion forums were very useful and I have made some good professional contacts that I still maintain.

It is my interest in digital and open education that led me to this course.

Some Background on Me

After about 15 years in museums and heritage education I became a freelance educational writer and consultant. I have had about 30 children's textbooks published and I have contributed educational pieces to the BBC, 'Times Educational Supplement' and the 'Guardian' (amongst others). I have also acted in an advisory capacity for various HLF-funded projects.

Image on Open Learning
This is a quick image of what I feel Open Learning looks like. For those who do not know what a Trade School is. This is a new form of learning where tutors offer their time and expertise not for money but through a bartering system with students. If you want to know more then click on this link. I am big fan of Trade Schools especially in the economic and environmental situation that we find ourselves in.

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